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Winter Sun Holiday Wardrobe Ideas


The 5 Essential Pieces You Need for Your Next Winter Sun Holiday

Escaping the winter gloom for somewhere with warmth and bright blue skies? Hopping on a plane and going on a winter sun holiday is one of the most popular vacations for Brits when the year is coming to an end, leaving behind the frigid cold and gloom for somewhere sunny and where we can dip into salty water.

However, it can be challenging finding the right pieces to pack in your limited luggage space that can be worn everywhere and for everything while still being appropriate for the weather. Here are just 5 essential pieces you need in your travel capsule wardrobe to keep your luggage light and your daily outfits on holiday stylish for every occasion.

Classic White Tee

There are so many different ways to style a white tee, making it the perfect item to bring with you on holiday. The classic white t-shirt can be dressed up or down according to the pieces you pair with it, and can be the perfect backdrop to your more elaborate accessories or patterned pieces. In the daytime, your crisp white t-shirt is airy and light under the hot sun and keeps you from sweating buckets, and in the nighttime can be transformed with some elegant jewellery and dainty shoes.

Cute Cover-Up

If you plan on going sightseeing, island-hopping, or going to a beachside party at night, a cover-up over your swimming costume is a practical way to stay warm against the breeze and also makes for a cute outfit all on its own. A loose, dress-like cover-up or two-piece crop top and skirt are not only much easier to throw on over your wet swimsuit than a pair of shorts and a top, but they also dry significantly faster and make for an outfit that’s much more suitable for casual beach fashion. 

Pack this with you when you don’t want to dress up but still feel like looking cute as you lounge.

Day-to-Night Dress

Everyone needs to bring at least one dressy piece with them on holiday in case of a romantic dinner or event that needs a smarter getup, but a dress that can be worn and transition seamlessly for day to night activities is definitely a winner in our books. Choose to pack something that you can dress up or down rather than something you can only wear for a specific occasion to really make the most out of your travel wardrobe.

Flowy Midi-Skirt

When you find yourself in a more tropical setting, the last thing you want to be wearing is a pair of restricting and sweat-inducing trousers. Instead, opt for a flowy skirt or even some wide-leg cotton trousers to let your legs breathe and feel the breeze. A loose midi-skirt in particular is your best bet, as it’s another item of clothing that’s practical for hot weather while also being incredibly versatile for any event or situation you find yourself in.

Comfy Sandals

To top off your winter sun holiday outfit is a pair of comfortable shoes. No one wants to be caught at a five-star restaurant in a pair of flip-flops or walking around and sightseeing in a pair of painful wedges. A pair of simple yet stylish sandals are the best option you can opt for, as they’re comfortable enough to wear everywhere you go while also matching all of the clothing you brought along with you. When it comes to holiday attire, you can never go wrong with a cute pair of comfy sandals.

Final Note

Going from dressing up in layers for the harsh cold to choosing the lightest materials for a warm holiday is incredibly exciting, but it can be difficult to choose what to bring with you and what to leave behind. Having a set of versatile essentials in mind is one way to make packing a quick and easy affair without struggling to figure out whether you’ll use it or not. Keep in mind to bring with you pieces that are versatile, perfect for the climate, and comfortable for all-day wear.

Katie Davies

Katie Davies lives in Gloucestershire with her two young children. Katie juggles working life alongside duties at home but has found an escape through the world of clothing. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her thoughts on the latest in womenswear.

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