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What To Wear With a Khaki Parka


3 Easy Outfit Ideas for Your Khaki Parka

While it might not be the first piece of clothing that comes to mind when we think of wardrobe essentials, the khaki parka is perhaps one of the most popular choices for everyday outerwear. The earthy colour is easy to match with everything without being as harsh and dark as black, making it the perfect choice for anyone that loves a slightly brighter look while still looking laidback and casual.

If you have a khaki parka in your autumn and winter kit but are having a tough time making the casual staple fashionable for different occasions you’d be surprised just how easy it can complement any look you put together. Here are some simple tips on styling your khaki parka.

Monochrome Casual

One of the main reasons so many people love the khaki parka is because of how dependable it is for casual wear. It’s complementary to pretty much any weekend outfit you put under it, and a monochrome look will really make the otherwise understated colour pop.

Whether you choose black, white, or any other colour under the sun, going for a one-tone outfit and popping your parka on top as the finishing touch can make for a super simple outfit to put together that simultaneously has a lot of impact. If you’re having some trouble with your casual outfit or feel like being a little edgier, this look definitely hits two birds with one stone.

Laidback Smart

If you think the khaki parka is only good for casual days, think again. You can totally style this piece of outerwear with nearly everything in your wardrobe, including your smarter pieces. Pairing your parka with something a little more flowy and romantic like a midi dress, heels, and clutch adds a bit of relaxed energy to your outfit. Whether you’re going out for drinks with your ladies or are headed to a garden party, your khaki parka will definitely offer something a bit more interesting to your overall look.

Fun Officewear

While we often think of officewear to be dull and uninteresting, you could so easily make it more exciting, even with something as unassuming as a khaki parka. As the casualwear staple gives a more down-to-earth vibe to any outfit, you could use it to make your look for the weekday commute a bit more fun. Accessorise with standout colours, patterns, and textures that are simultaneously office-appropriate while also treading the line between workweek and weekend.

Final Note

The khaki parka is something that comes in out of trends often, but it never goes out of style. Having one in your wardrobe is great for practical reasons as its colour is understated and goes with most things, and its material and silhouette keep you warm in the chill. However, just because something is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. While these three tips are easy ways to start your khaki parka styling, there are an infinite amount of creative ways you can turn this common item into a style essential of your own.

Katie Davies

Katie Davies lives in Gloucestershire with her two young children. Katie juggles working life alongside duties at home but has found an escape through the world of clothing. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her thoughts on the latest in womenswear.

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