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The 5 Secret Tips to Casual Dressing


Simple Tips to Looking Effortlessly Put-Together

It can be fairly easy to dress yourself up for an occasion, but when it comes to casual dressing, some of us may find it challenging to feel comfortable without looking frumpy. Casual outfits can be both easy and stylish, as long as you know how to style your everyday outfits.

Wondering how to upgrade your daily off-duty style and look effortlessly cool? Here are just 5 simple tips you need to know.

Invest in Dresses

For women, one of the best articles of clothing to keep in your casual wardrobe at all times is a couple of dresses. Frocks are a fantastic all-in-one outfit that are immediately stylish, and you don’t have to think about pairing a top and bottom together. These are perfect for people that are looking for something girly and fashionable yet totally comfortable and easy to wear.

Statement Accessories

Another super simple way of making your casual looks appear more stylish is by accessorising. We love the look of layered jewellery, so don’t be afraid to stack up on necklaces and bracelets or going big with the earrings.

Tailoring is Key

The key to making sure each of your pieces looks as polished as possible is ensuring they fit properly. If an item doesn’t look quite right on your body, from too-long trousers to an ill-fitting top, have a tailor fix them. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can turn frumpy items into pieces that make you look fantastic, even on the most casual of days.

Statement Bags

A plainer everyday outfit can actually work fantastically as a backdrop to bolder pieces like your bag. A bright pop of colour or interesting shape through your functional piece can offer a lot to an otherwise uninteresting look. Make sure that your bag is regularly cleaned so that it keeps you looking put-together and doesn’t add to any frumpiness you’re worried about.

Comfy But Cool Trainers

The last thing we want to wear on our days off are uncomfortable shoes, and trainers are most people’s weekend uniform. Have a pair of colourful sneakers in your arsenal when you want to add interest to a monochrome outfit.

Final Note

Dressing casually doesn’t mean you have to be boring. There are quite a few simple ways anyone can add interest to their casual outfit without putting much effort into it. If you’re looking to upgrade your everyday outfits easily, these are the first tips you should keep in mind.

Imani Jackson

Imani Jackson is a writer born, raised, and based in South London. She developed a keen eye for style through her habit of observing people’s clothes in the street every day. When she isn’t doing that, she likes to spend her time writing about the trends she sees, going out and dancing with the girls, or curating her R&B playlist for the next round of people-watching.

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