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Style Tips: How to Wear Bomber Jackets


Different Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket for Men

Originally known as the military flight jacket, the bomber jacket has had quite a history, having its origins in World War I when it was first introduced, to World War II when it was most commonly worn by long range bomber pilots. The original, well-insulated leather bomber jackets kept pilots warm in high altitudes while retaining their super lightweight properties, and would later turn into a popular casual classic piece for every man. 

Today, bomber jackets come in every material, style, and colour you can think of to match any lifestyle that anyone can wear, from British punk rockers to everyday businessmen. Having made its way from the literal runway to the fashion runway, it has become the perfect and most timeless men’s outerwear item every season that you can wear with anything, whether it’s dressed up with a collared shirt and black chinos or dressed down with a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans as you see fit. 

Wondering how to wear a bomber jacket every day or style a bomber jacket outfit for different occasions? From street style to smart casual style, here are some bomber jacket outfits you can wear and make your own.

How to Style Different Bomber Jackets

Black Bomber Jacket

If you’re unsure where to begin with bomber jackets, a black bomber jacket is always your best bet. This bomber jacket is perhaps the most classic and sleek option you could go for out of all the bomber jacket colours, given how much more versatile it is and can work with an endless number of outfits.

For casual events, wear this bomber jacket with your favourite t-shirts and ripped jeans for really laid back looks. For something a little more smart casual, you can wear this bomber jacket with some grey chinos and a button-down white shirt to keep it cool yet dress code-friendly.

Suede Bomber Jacket

Suede bomber jackets add a lot of texture to your outfit that give a 70s edge to a smart casual look while still retaining some 50s classic style. A bomber jacket in brown suede is a softer option for more relaxed, casual situations yet smart enough to add a little more style when you wear a simple t-shirt. For smarter events, you can wear this bomber jacket with a button-down and tie combo with leather trainers.

Leather Bomber Jacket

The leather jacket is the most classic look and takes the bomber jacket back to its roots. We really like how both black and brown leather bomber jackets look right at home with anything, whether it’s with a jumper and light blue jeans or a checkered shirt with olive chinos. 

This is the perfect material for some extra protection against the cold, making the leather bomber jacket your autumn and winter wardrobe staple.

Green Bomber Jacket

Olive or military green bomber jackets are a cool style nod to the original flight jackets and their military origins. This is a really great everyday option that can elevate a really casual look. You could wear a slightly tighter bomber jacket fit with elasticated cuffs and style it with a loose t-shirt and skinny jeans.

White Bomber Jacket

White bomber jackets are a very easy way to get a smart and stylish look for smart-casual occasions. They aren’t your usual bomber jacket colour choice, so it’s a unique style choice that isn’t overly bold. The white bomber jacket is perfect for adding some contrast to a monochromatic outfit, so you can wear it over a black t-shirt and black jeans.

Long Bomber Jacket Fit

Long bomber jackets are the best looking bomber jackets for the wintertime that also serve a practical purpose. While most bombers end right at or above the hip, the longer bomber jacket can reach up to the calf, giving you some added protection against the chill. Try getting a bomber jacket with ribbed cuffs and thicker insulation so you can stay warm yet lightweight in the cold.

This is great to style with either a casual outfit or a workday outfit, so go ahead and wear it with your favourite jumper and casual trousers convo or wear it with your signature workweek uniform.

Red Bomber Jacket

Red is quite the bold statement, so if you’re looking to wear a bomber jacket on the trendier side, check out this colour. A red bomber jacket is a great casual jacket and acts as the star of any outfit, so style it with more simple pieces like neutral-coloured jeans and t-shirts, and white trainers for an added bit of contrast.

Burgundy Bomber Jacket

If bright red is a little too bold for your style, try out a burgundy bomber jacket. This colour of the bomber jacket was popular among punks in the 80s, so this colour of jacket can easily add some edge to your outfit. Pair it with black jeans and a black hoodie for an edgy casual look that’s perfect for weekends.

When to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Casual Occasions

Casual events are the best time to bring out your bomber jacket and give you the most opportunities to wear and style them. A casual bomber jacket outfit can be varied depending on your personal style and taste, but you can never go wrong when pairing your bomber jacket with t-shirts, flannels, jeans, and trainers in the warmer months and thicker jumpers, warm trousers, and boots for autumn and winter.

Smart Casual Occasions

While most people associate the bomber jacket with a casual style, you can wear a bomber jacket to smart casual events just as easily. Slim fits with higher-end materials and in more neutral colours like black and brown look much more sophisticated, and equally smart attire like button-downs, chinos, and leather shoes tie the whole look together.

Final Note

As you can see, there are so many different styles and ways to wear a bomber jacket, so it’s hard to think of a reason not to get one for yourself. The bomber jacket has been continuously in style since it came into fashion decades ago, and it’s something we don’t see dying out any time soon. 

Whether you’re looking to invest in a bomber jacket for an everyday casual style or for something that blurs the line between casual and business, you won’t have a hard time finding the right bomber jacket for you.

Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson is a 29-year-old writer based in Manchester. While initially uninterested in fashion when he was younger, Jack has since developed an affinity for men’s style. Because he’s always out and about, he’s always on the lookout for anything that looks good without sacrificing functionality to add to his collection.

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