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Spring Looks to Flaunt Before the Season Ends


Out of all the seasons in the year, we think spring is perhaps the best time to pull out all the style stops. With various layers and textures that can be created in a single outfit to keep the manageable cold at bay, the springtime allows us to put on options we couldn’t put on in the winter or summer without shivering or sweating. 

There are probably several staple items you already own in your wardrobe that you put on every spring without question, but we’ve come up with a couple of ideas to spruce up your typical attire and bring a little more edge and personality to your spring outfits. 

We’ve taken style notes and hand-selected from the latest in this season’s fashion to bring you easy outfit ideas and ways you can turn a drab look into something straight off the runway.

How Should I Dress for Spring in the UK?

UK weather is infamously unpredictable, and even more so during springtime. From a rainy morning to a warm afternoon to a cold evening, there are a bunch of things to prep for and style notes to take when it comes to dressing up for this season. 

While we might not know what the day has in store for us, we definitely know that layers are our best friends during this period, so you can still bring out that floral dress of yours while pairing it with a statement trench coat, cardigan, tights, and sneakers for an instant fashion statement.

What Should I Wear in Spring 2021?

There are more than a handful of trends incoming that you can shop for and take style notes from that perfectly incorporate into your springtime style, no matter what your personal fashion is like. Whether you’re a girl who’s into all things frilly, sporty, or edgy, these looks that are currently in vogue will look good on anyone. Check out our list of favourite trends in photo that you can wear before summer arrives.

5 Trends You Need to Wear for Spring 2021

Glossy Macs

Raincoats are an obvious staple in British daily wear, so we’re excited to see how the fashion world is turning this essential into a fun editorial look via a top layer of sheen. Not only is this shiny material practical in downpours thanks to its waterproofing, but it also brings a more unique and sophisticated air to absolutely anything you’re wearing. 

A funky-feeling outfit created with this trend by pairing it with a turtleneck jumper, jeans, and boots in a mix of bold prints and colours just like the photo above will make you want to get out of the house and strut around the streets, rain or shine.

Boots and Long Hemlines

While cold weather might make you think you have to bid goodbye to your dresses and skirts for a while, the latest looks in fashion completely disagree. 

Step away from your jeans and trousers and replace them with a lovely slip dress or flowy skirt over chunky boots for outfits that are equally cool and effortlessly feminine. Create a comfy and appropriate springtime look that mom would approve of by adding long sleeves in the form of an oversized fuzzy cardigan or boxy blazer.

Bold Hair Accessories

Don’t reach for your hat or beanie this year, but instead opt for a statement headband, pastel barrettes, or printed clips to style your hair. We’ve been seeing large velvet headbands on the streets like in the photo above, as well as bold pops of several colours clipped into hair of various lengths, and we think this is an absolutely fresh and perfect way to send off winter and remind ourselves that warmer and brighter skies are inbound.

Statement Trousers

Bright and bold prints and patterns are no longer just reserved for tops or dresses. Colourful and printed jeans and trousers have become an incredibly easy way to style a rather plain outfit and turn it into something a little more high-fashion, so turn in your blue denim jeans for a pair created with subtle prints, all-out blocks of colour, or even doodled-on drawings.

Monochrome Layers

Whether casual or dressed up, monochrome layers are perhaps the most versatile and easiest way to style an outfit that still looks as though it was pulled out of a magazine photo. Outfits created with this in mind could sound plain, but different textures, materials, and shapes make all the difference. 

Make your outfit stand out from the rest by picking earth tones that are easy on the eyes or pastel hues to bring cheeriness to grey days. From office gear to streetwear, going monochrome can make picking out your daily look that much easier and higher-end.

Final Note

We love the springtime for all the easy fashion inspiration and freedom it gives us, and this year is no different. We love seeing all of these easy-to-do looks on the street that make our daily attire that much more interesting, and so next time you head out, don’t forget to keep an eye on what everyone’s wearing and take style notes to make your next seasonal uniform something to be admired.

Katie Davies

Katie Davies lives in Gloucestershire with her two young children. Katie juggles working life alongside duties at home but has found an escape through the world of clothing. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her thoughts on the latest in womenswear.

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