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Mother and Daughter Duos Stealing the Scenes in Iconic Fashion Campaigns


Style runs in the family! Some mother and daughter bond simply transcends fashion—their unmistakable style is passed down from one generation to the next.

Here are some of the amazing pairs who’ve ever graced iconic fashion campaigns with their elegance.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber: Omega

Mother and Daughter - Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber

In 2018, the Omega Mother’s Day campaign transformed into a family photo album, starring the radiant Cindy Crawford and her mirror-image daughter, Kaia Gerber. The black-and-white elegance of the ad hid the vibrant personalities behind it.

Kaia, a blossoming supermodel, not only inherited her mom’s stunning looks but also the art of charming a camera. Together, they graced the De Ville Trésor line alongside seasoned models, proving that style is indeed a family affair.

Andie MacDowell and Rainey Qualley: Coach

Mother and Daughter - Andie MacDowell and Rainey Qualley

The Hollywood Hills became a backdrop for Coach’s family-themed campaign, featuring the radiant Andie MacDowell and her musician-daughter Rainey Qualley. In a sun-kissed series of photos shot by Alessandro Simonetti, the duo effortlessly embraced Coach summer dresses and heels. It was a testament to how shared style can deepen the bond between mothers and daughters.

Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz: Calvin Klein

Mother and Daughter - Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz

In 2016, Calvin Klein gave us a campaign that blurred the lines between mother and daughter. Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe Kravitz showcased a sibling-like resemblance whilst donning beachwear, metallic jewellery, and watches. Kravitz, at 31, exuded a magnetic charm comparable to her mother, who was 49 at the time, making it clear that style knows no generational bounds.

Valerie-Morris and Naomi Campbell: Burberry

Mother and Daughter - Valerie-Morris & Naomi Campbell

Burberry Festive Campaign in 2018 celebrated the familial elegance of fashion icon and supermodel Naomi Campbell and her equally stunning mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell. Dressed in matching white shirts and black blazers, the pair stood out amidst a star-studded cast that included actors Matt Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas, rapper M.I.A., and artist and photographer Juno Calypso. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carys Zeta-Douglas: Fendi

Mother and Daughter - Catherine Zeta-Jones & Carys Zeta-Douglas

Enter Fendi’s #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign, where the eternal beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones met the youthful glow of 16-year-old Carys Zeta-Douglas. Amidst historic Roman architecture, this duo turned the scene into a runway of familial chic. Fendi’s iconic Peekaboo bags joined the party in vibrant hues and Pequin stripes.

Pat and Anne Cleveland: Lanvin

Mother and Daughter - Pat & Anne Cleveland

In the ’60s and ’70s, African-American model Pat Cleveland was the muse of surrealist artist Salvador Dali, gracing runways and editorial spreads with her divine looks. Fast forward to Lanvin’s Spring 2015 campaign, Pat shared the spotlight with her daughter Anne. Dressed in quirky monochromes and dramatic up-dos, the duo paid homage to Pat’s trailblazing career.

Final Note

These campaigns capture the joy of moments shared between mothers and daughters and the timeless elegance they leave behind. Cheers to these women who didn’t just appear in ads but left their stylish mark in the history of fashion!

Katie Davies

Katie Davies lives in Gloucestershire with her two young children. Katie juggles working life alongside duties at home but has found an escape through the world of clothing. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her thoughts on the latest in womenswear.

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