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How To Wear Bright Yellow Jeans and Join the Trend


How Do You Wear Bright Yellow?

Most probably, you’re someone who sticks to typical colours for your trousers, such as light grey denim or blue jeans. This completely makes sense, as blue and black jeans are versatile and easy to style into any outfit with virtually everything in your wardrobe. However, an easy way to add some spice to your everyday outfit could simply be switching out your typical trousers for some yellow jeans.

Coloured jeans sparked in popularity in the 2010s, but they’re still firmly around in today’s trends. Yellow jeans, in particular, have been picking up some steam thanks to the cheerfulness the colour invokes and how they can quickly add some pep to any outfit you’re wearing.

On a search for how you can style the trend? Here’s the sign you need to take the plunge. Read on through this blog post for some simple yellow jeans outfit ideas anyone can pull off.

Outfit Ideas: What Goes Best With Yellow Jeans?

Off-Duty Casual

For summer weekends when you want to go laidback, consider yellow denim in place of your usual go-to outfits and be surprised at the result. Replacing the trousers you’d usually dress in and style your look with some yellow jeans could transform your blah white outfit into something truly stylish you’ll want to wear all the time.

Matching a white crop tank top or denim shirt and white trainers with denim jeans is a classic look, but spice it up with some mustard yellow skinny jeans instead. For the summer, you can also style your yellow jeans with a pair of sandals on your feet too and make your looks that much more summery.

Make it Bold

Yellow is already such a stand-out colour, so you may be wanting to wear more subdued colours in the rest of your outfit. However, wearing them with equally eye-catching pops of colour in the rest of your outfit to match its brightness is a fun way to change an average outfit and create something truly stylish.

Whether you’re wearing yellow skinny jeans or yellow jeans in a wider shape, you can pair them with everything from a navy blazer or cardigan, red turtleneck, or purple jumper for the spring, to a simple casual cropped top and neon bag in the summer.

The Chilly Weather Outfit With Yellow Skinny Jeans

We adore how yellow jeans can completely transform an outfit you wear all the time and make it look that much more amazing. For the fall/winter months, try to wear your yellow skinny jeans with other earthy colours reminiscent of the season, such as a navy denim shirt, a warm coat in an animal print, a boho bag, and your favourite booties. Yellow jeans are always a good idea when you want to brighten up your outfit on gloomy days.

Go Oversized

Oversized jeans are a major trend right now, so why not wear some yellow jeans in that silhouette for your wardrobe? Oversized yellow jeans are an amazing statement but can look as casual and put-together as you need them to be. You can easily pair these yellow jeans with everything from a cosy white jumper to an equally oversized cardigan. Going with a smaller bag can also enhance the look that much more.

Office to Date Night-Ready

Yellow jeans may seem to only work for the casual looks in your wardrobe, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Like your typical navy jeans, yellow jeans can instantly be dressed up with a couple of outfit details. 

Red lipstick, a white or navy blazer, and nude heels or strappy shoes can instantly turn a weekend outfit into something amazing for the office or even date night, and even a jumper in a more subdued colour can help make everything look more stylish and ready for you to wear on date night.

Subtle Summer Look

Yellow jeans can seem daunting in our imaginations, but they can easily fit into your summer wardrobe when the right colour is chosen. Pair a darker or more earthy tone of yellow jeans with a crisp white or navy shirt, open-toed sandals, and a bandana for a functional outfit that you can wear any time of the week. Whether you go for oversized or yellow skinny jeans, all of your outfits will look sunny and perfect for the weather.

Final Note

Yellow jeans are definitely a road less travelled, and not everyone would be so willing to wear a pair on your average day. However, outfit ideas like these definitely make them seem more attainable to wear on a daily, as just like your usual pair of navy jeans, yellow jeans can be just as versatile and a good canvas for your different ideas. 

Whether you wear it with a crop top or a blazer, you can easily add some fun to your everyday outfit by reaching for some yellow jeans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do yellow and denim go together?

Denim and yellow go very well together, so creating an outfit with yellow jeans and this can easily work. A navy denim shirt is a popular choice to pair with yellow jeans, but you can get creative and fashion it however you like.

Lucy Coleman

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