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How to Transition From Maternity to Postpartum Style


From the miraculous moments of childbirth to the sheer joy of holding your little bundle of cuteness, your body has been through quite the adventure as you reach your postpartum period. It’s normal for things to be a little different now. Your waistline might not be as tiny as it once was, and those stretch marks might be reminding you of the beautiful journey you’ve been on. 

But guess what? Those changes are a testament to the incredible strength and resilience of your body. So, take a moment to pause and shift your focus on self-acceptance and celebrate the beauty of your postpartum body.

And when you’ve given yourself a big confidence boost, it’s time to create a wardrobe that not only embraces your changing body but also makes you feel like the fashion-forward, radiant mama that you are. You want pieces that not only accommodate your body’s needs (hello, breastfeeding-friendly tops!) but also allow you to express your personal style. 

So, get ready to discover how to strike that perfect balance in your postpartum style and step into this new chapter with flair and confidence! Let’s do this!

Tips for Building a Postpartum Wardrobe

Postpartum Style

When it comes to selecting the perfect pieces for this phase of your life, there are a few factors to keep in mind. We’ll make it super easy and fun for you!

Comfort is Queen

As a new mom, you have a million things to juggle, from diaper changes to midnight feedings. So, your clothes should be like a cosy cloud, hugging you in all the right places and letting you move freely. Soft, breathable fabrics are your best friends—cotton or jersey. They’re gentle on your skin and allow it to breathe amidst all the excitement. 

Think Functionality 

Let’s face it, you’re a multitasking superstar now! Your clothing should be up for the challenge. Look for items that offer easy access for nursing or pumping, because fumbling with complicated closures or layers is a big no-no when you have a hungry baby on your hands. We’re all about making life simpler for you.

Consider Versatility 

As a busy mom, you need pieces that can easily transition from day to night, from running errands to meeting friends for coffee. Choose items that can be dressed up or down with a simple change of accessories. A cardigan that goes from playdate to date night or stretchy pants that take you from lounging at home to a casual outing—these versatile pieces will be your saviour when you’re short on time but still want to look fabulous.

Keep It Stylish and Flattering

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion statement. Embrace your beautiful postpartum body and find clothes that accentuate your favourite features and skim over areas you might be less confident about. Empire waistlines, flowy tops, and A-line dresses are your best friends—they’re both comfortable and flattering.

Essential Postpartum Fashion Items

Postpartum Style

Here comes the exciting part—the ultimate checklist for your postpartum wardrobe! These essential items are your secret weapons for effortlessly stylish and functional outfits:

Nursing-friendly Tops and Dresses

Look for tops and dresses with discreet openings or wrap styles for easy access during breastfeeding sessions.

Loose-fitting Tops

Embrace those flowy, loose tops that provide comfort and allow for easy movement while still looking chic.

Button-up Shirts

Button-ups are versatile and perfect for nursing. Plus, they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Cardigan and Tunics

A cosy cardigan and some stylish tunics are ideal for layering and adding a touch of flair to your otherwise casual outfits.

Stretchy Trousers or Leggings

Oh, the glory of stretchy leggings! These are postpartum moms’ best friends. Find a comfortable pair or two (or five!) that can accommodate your changing body.

High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are a game-changer. They provide support, give you a flattering silhouette, and pair well with any top.

Supportive Undergarments

Don’t forget the power of good undergarments! Invest in comfortable and supportive bras and undies that make you feel fabulous from the inside out.

Nighties and Robes

Don’t neglect your loungewear! A comfortable nightie and a cosy robe are essential for those late-night feedings and lounging around the house.

How Do You Style Postpartum?

Postpartum Style

Alright, mama, it’s time to kick your postpartum style up a notch! We want you to feel like the fabulous queen that you are. So, let’s sprinkle some style and personality into those postpartum outfits and make them truly shine! Here are some tips to amp up your style:

Get Creative With Layering and Mixing and Matching

Transform your basic tops by layering them with a stylish cardigan or a cropped jacket. Mix different textures or pair unexpected patterns together for a fresh and unique look.

Embrace Colors and Patterns

Don’t be afraid to put on those trendy shades or eye-catching prints. Whether it’s a vibrant pop of colour or a playful floral pattern, inject some fun and personality into your wardrobe. Let your clothes reflect your zest for life!

Accessorising Is the Secret Sauce

Add a dash of flair to your outfits with statement jewellery or scarves. A bold necklace or a vibrant printed scarf can instantly elevate a simple top or dress. It’s all about those little details that make you feel like a fashionista.

Don’t Forget About Your Trusty Sidekick—the Bag

Swap out that bulky diaper bag for a stylish tote or a handy backpack that can hold all your baby essentials while still looking chic. Who says functional can’t be fashionable?

Opt For Easy-To-Wear, Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

Embrace those effortless waves, cute messy buns, or stylish ponytails that can be done in a jiffy. A quick tousle can work wonders!

Choose Versatile and Comfortable Footwear

Look for shoes that are both stylish and practical, whether it’s a pair of trendy sneakers, comfy flats, stylish loafers, or versatile ankle boots. You want to be able to chase after your little one without compromising on style or comfort. 

Final Note

We hope you’ve gained some valuable tips and inspiration along the way. This is a special time in your life—a time of growth, love, and discovery. Embrace every moment of your postpartum journey, and let your evolving style be a reflection of the incredible woman you’ve become.

Note that feeling confident in your appearance is more than just superficial—it’s a powerful boost to your overall well-being. When you feel good about how you look, it radiates through every aspect of your life. It impacts your self-esteem, your interactions with others, and even your ability to tackle challenges head-on. 

So, mama, never underestimate the significance of feeling confident in your postpartum style. Own it, embrace it, and watch how it transforms your world.

Lucy Coleman

Lucy Coleman is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast hailing from Edinburgh. She discovered her knack for both style and writing while studying at university and decided to pursue her passions thereafter. When she’s not going through racks of clothing at different shops in her spare time, Lucy enjoys listening to music, writing stories at cafés, and catching up to her favourite shows on Netflix.

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