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How to Style Faux Suede Outfits


5 Tips on How to Wear Faux Suede

Faux suede has quickly become a favourite material to wear in autumn and even spring thanks to its low maintenance features, cool texture, and ability to keep you warm during chillier seasons. A lot of people, in fact, prefer faux suede, also known as suedette, over the real thing thanks to its animal-friendly properties, more durable and water-repellant nature, and affordability.

Are you looking for inspiration on how to style your faux suede pieces? Here some easy tips to keep in mind when dressing them up.

Do’s and Don’ts of Styling Faux Suede

Don’t pair faux suede with real suede

While faux suede is a good stand-in for the real thing, it’s a bad idea to wear them together in one outfit, as putting them side by side will give away their differences. Stick to pairing your faux suede pieces with regular leather or different textures altogether.

Do stick to earth tones

Faux suede is all about bringing attention to its unique texture, so it’s best to stick with shades that let it pop like browns, olives, blacks, and even navies. Brighter colours can distract from the material itself, so sticking to more muted hues is the way to go.

Don’t wear more than one faux suede piece per outfit

A general note to keep in mind when wearing faux suede is to let it be the star of your outfit, and so wearing too much can drown out its uniqueness. By pairing it with softer textures and more muted colours, your faux suede piece will really stand out.

Do pay attention to the quality and fit of your faux suede

While faux suede may have the reputation of being lower maintenance when it comes to cleaning compared to its authentic counterpart, you’re still at the risk of buying a piece that isn’t of great quality.

Keeping an eye out for how it’s made, as well as how it fits you, can significantly help in how cheap or expensive your piece will look, no matter its actual cost.

Don’t go overboard with your outfit

The best thing about suede is how easily it can speak for itself. It’s already a unique and eye-catching material on its own, so dressing it with other loud pieces can detract from it and make your overall look a little too loud and busy.

Instead, opt for suede pieces that already have a lot of character or embellishments and pair them with simple and clean silhouettes so it can be the centerpiece of your overall look.

Final Note

Faux suede is going to be one of this season’s favourite materials, whether it be your coat, top, trousers, or dress. There are so many ways you can style the piece, but we love how simplicity is the name of the game with the material. 

So whether you’re a fan of earth tones, simple silhouettes, or owning a statement piece, faux suede is is sure to turn into your next autumn essential. 

Lucy Coleman

Lucy Coleman is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast hailing from Edinburgh. She discovered her knack for both style and writing while studying at university and decided to pursue her passions thereafter. When she’s not going through racks of clothing at different shops in her spare time, Lucy enjoys listening to music, writing stories at cafés, and catching up to her favourite shows on Netflix.

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