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How to Pull Off the Cool Girl Fashion Trend


How to Dress Like a Cool Girl Without Trying

While the term ‘cool girl’ is totally subjective, we do know that confidence is a key formula that makes cool girls what they are, wherever they are. While there are tons of influencers and style lovers out there that love to set trends, the beauty of cool girls is that they’re able to do it effortlessly thanks to the personality and attitude they have to match their style, making any and every outfit look instantly great. 

It’s not hard to be a cool girl in style and in life. Here are some incredibly effortless tricks and outfits from day to night that’ll make you feel like the coolest girl in the world and stand out from the crowd. 

Forget the Heels

While a pair of heels can definitely make women look more confident and classy, they aren’t the main ingredient to making you feel that way and definitely don’t have to be a wardrobe essential.

Cool girls all over the world have ditched the uncomfortable shoe for a couple of super comfy and trusted trainers, whether they’re in a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans on a casual day or in the mood to break the rules in a gown with sequins.

Disregard the Clothing Tags

While Instagram might be telling us that style is all about the brand and price of what you’re wearing and to invest in luxury, every cool girl knows that that’s not true at all. 

Having a combo of vintage, new, designer, and affordable brands in your repertoire makes for a wardrobe and outfits that are diverse and add the perfect amount of uniqueness for all categories of occasions.

On and Off Workwear

Whether it’s the workweek or the weekend, cool girls absolutely love to wear a matching blazer and trouser combo that’s the easiest way to turn heads with fashion. 

We also love the look of a monochromatic and colourful blazer atop casual wear like blue jeans and trainers, an interesting outfit that blurs the line between polished and relaxed and makes you look ready for either the office or a party so you don’t even have to change.

Rock Some Leather and Denim

Vintage leather and blue denim jackets sit so well on top of any outfit, which is exactly why it’s a part of so many cool girls’ wardrobes. They’re simple, sturdy, and so easy to throw on and wear, with the latter being one thing that’s signature and a not-so-secret ingredient to every cool girl’s fashion.

Classics are Always Cool: Mini Dress, Denim Jacket, and More

While the fashion industry might be telling you to buy into the latest trends, it’s always important to remember that the classics never go out of style and will always look good. 

From the humble mini dress and navy denim jacket look to a play on your classic white button-down with the backward shirt trend that got everyone talking, lots of women know that there are so many ways to look good and reinvent what’s already in your closet.

Final Note

While you might have thought that cool-girl style is all about the price of your dress and the style of your clothing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The point of the cool girl look is all about having confidence in yourself, and then having an outfit to match it. Once you secure that for yourself, any outfit you put on could be the next trend of the day or year.

Anna Kim

Anna Kim was born and raised in Korea before moving to London at age ten. Surrounding herself with other fashion-lovers and having constantly experimented with her style since childhood, Anna isn’t afraid to stand out in what she’s wearing. Her lifelong adoration for all things fashion and her strong roots where she grew up have allowed her to write and share about anything and everything that’s currently trending in Asia and the rest of the world.

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