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How to Pull Off the Backward Shirt Trend


How to Stylishly Wear Your Shirt Backward

It may look strange at first glance, but wearing your blouse the wrong way around is one of the recent years’ hot new fashion trends in street style fashion for women all over the world. Wearing your shirt backwards is a quick way to give yourself cool new outfits every week without having to buy anything you, or your boyfriend, don’t already own in your wardrobe.

If you’re looking for an interesting new way of styling your everyday outfit, here are some tips on pulling off the backward shirt trend and making it look chic.

Is it Weird To Wear a Shirt Backwards?

We know well nowadays that fashion has no rules and that, in the end, what’s on-trend and what isn’t doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter is how you feel in your clothes and how you want to express yourself through them.

We’ve seen fashion designers pull together outlandish designs that turn into a trend every season, as well as a street style posts every week that use a garment in a way you wouldn’t expect, so why not have a little fun with a backward shirt with the collar at the front?

How Do You Style Backward Shirts?

Shop for Button-Down Shirts with Unique Designs

The backward shirt trend doesn’t have any one specific shirt needed to pull off the look, so go ahead with styling the fashion trend with any shirt you want, whether it’s button-down shirts or a regular t-shirt. 

However, we think the best way the backward shirt trend is worn is with frilly tops and shirts with interesting designs on them. It’s a much more cute and stylish take on a simple fashion trend that makes the oddness of it a little less obvious and will have heads turning at how good it looks rather than funny.

Wear It With a Flattering Hairstyle

Of course, half the fun of wearing backward shirts is bringing attention to your back. Whether it’s to show off an interesting design or a bit of skin, wearing your hair in a half bun and keeping it off your neck and back will really bring notice to the edgy style. 

This is probably the easiest hack to pull the whole look together and make it look that much more amazing.

Accessorise Right

As with any other outfit, we think you can round out the backward shirt trend and make it look a whole lot cooler when it’s worn with the right accessories. We’ve seen women experiment with the look by wearing it with other eye-catching pieces, whether it’s their shoes, bag, or sunglasses. 

If you’re interested in making the front of the look as chic as the back, why not wear a statement necklace beneath the front-facing collar to make the wrong-way-round fashion trend look just right.

Tie a Knot in It

Instead of simply putting on a shirt backwards and leaving the rest undone, wear the style in a way that looks a little more intentional by having it tucked into a pair of jeans or a skirt, or twist the bottom of the shirt into a bow. 

We’ve seen a lot of ladies post a picture of themselves wearing their backward shirts unbuttoned to show off their backs with a knot at the bottom keeping it all together. This trick also cinches the waist so the shirt doesn’t swallow you up when you wear it or overwhelm your overall look.

Turn an Oversized Shirt into a Dress

Styling a men’s shirt backwards is great because of how much you can do with it. Switch your blouse in for a guys shirt that’s larger for your frame so you can have a dress as quick as that. We love how this looks when women wear it as an over-shoulder, backless dress with a belt that pulls it in and accentuates the figure, turning backward shirts into a true fashion trend.

Final Note

To wear backward shirts can definitely be seen as one of the quirkier fashion trends out there right now, but it’s definitely a look that anyone can wear and pull off. If you’ve run out of outfit ideas for the week, this odd-sounding style may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Anna Kim

Anna Kim was born and raised in Korea before moving to London at age ten. Surrounding herself with other fashion-lovers and having constantly experimented with her style since childhood, Anna isn’t afraid to stand out in what she’s wearing. Her lifelong adoration for all things fashion and her strong roots where she grew up have allowed her to write and share about anything and everything that’s currently trending in Asia and the rest of the world.

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