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How to Layer Black and White Outfits


Layered Black and White Outfits for Every Season

Black and white may sound like a generic combination, but it’s anything but. Not only is it easy to style and match together, but it’s also an incredibly versatile pairing with which you can play around with textures, silhouettes, and styles that transcend seasons and trends.

While black and white outfits do face the threat of being boring, it all comes down to how you style them. Here’s how you can look chic in this two-tone look all year round.


While everyone loves to bring out the colour from their wardrobe during this season, spring is also the best time to bring out your liveliest prints and flowiest silhouettes. Black and white looks are completely capable of looking just as lively as even the brightest of colours as long as you go for interesting textures and silhouettes like pleats, bell sleeves, and polka dots. We also love the sheer look of the dress above that gives it even more personality.


Summer calls for shorter sleeves and airier, fabric, and while you may have fewer physical layers to play around with, this gives you the opportunity to play around with layers of patterns and textures. This silk blouse with lace detailing is a flirty contrast to the contrast-stitch skirt and checkered heels, with all pieces being simple on their own but dynamic and eye-catching when paired together.


When it starts to get chilly, ditch the trousers and switch them for midi and maxi skirts paired with high boots. This pairing is an easily more stylish alternative to the typical go-to and can transition from day to night even more seamlessly.


Making an interesting outfit in winter can be a challenge, but as long as you invest in the right pieces, it can be an absolute breeze. A pair of white trousers is undoubtedly more striking during a season when most opt for the traditional black, and a two-tone coat to throw over your ensemble is the perfect topper to the outfit, as well as any other outfit, monochrome or otherwise, that you have in your wardrobe.

Final Note

Wearing a two-tone look can be as easy as pairing a white tee and black jeans, which is the most simple way to wear this look, but styling it can completely change the game. You can easily upgrade the look by accessorising, playing with patterns and silhouettes, and choosing more standout pieces than usual. Best of all, these individual items can go with any other outfit you have in mind thanks to their super-easy-to-match colour.

Anna Kim

Anna Kim was born and raised in Korea before moving to London at age ten. Surrounding herself with other fashion-lovers and having constantly experimented with her style since childhood, Anna isn’t afraid to stand out in what she’s wearing. Her lifelong adoration for all things fashion and her strong roots where she grew up have allowed her to write and share about anything and everything that’s currently trending in Asia and the rest of the world.

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