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Dresses and Trainers Style: Celebrity Inspiration


How to Wear The Ultimate Cool Girl Outfit in Every Season

Perhaps one of our favourite casual combos ever, the dress and trainers look is a modern and stylish yet simultaneously classic outfit that surpasses any trend. Our favourite thing about the pair is how you can team up all sorts of dress styles and trainer brands and come out with a new and unique look every time.

And thankfully, this wardrobe combination isn’t just reserved for the summer months or any one season. From spring to winter, here are some outfits that will have you leaving your heels in the past and match your favourite dress with a fun pair of trainers.

Can You Wear Trainers With a Dress?

Dresses are already such a practical and easy article of clothing to put on and run out of the house in, and pairing them with a trusty pair of trainers makes for an even more functional yet fashionable outfit.

In the summer, mini dresses paired with chunky trainers make for an extra comfortable look that won’t make you feel uncomfortable while you’re out and about in the sunshine. Wearing a dress and trainers combo on any given day will have you looking and feeling pretty yet relaxed all day long.

What Dresses Go With Trainers?

Whatever dress you love to wear on any given day is sure to pair fantastically with the right trainers. If you have a smart dress that you reserve for the office and that you think might be too dressy for the weekend, pop on some casual trainers and a statement bag to make it street-style-worthy.

Even the girliest of maxi dresses mix fantastically with trainers. When worn together, a flowy and romantic slip dress and your most rugged trainers create an outfit that’s edgy and flirty all in one.

How Do You Style Trainers with a Dress?

Our favourite thing about wearing a dress with trainers is how many different yet easily cool looks you can create for different occasions, weather, and personal style. If you have clothing in your wardrobe or want to shop for something that feels a little out of your comfort zone, wearing your most trusted trainers with these dresses can help you explore your fashion yet feel at ease.

Spring time is all about bringing out brights and florals, so don’t be afraid to wear a cute and colourful dress with equally vibrant accessories and shoes. Influencer Nnenna Echem shows us how to sell a bright spring look with this midi dress, yellow trainers, and accent handbag, and sunnies.

In the summer, we love how mini dresses juxtaposed with chunky sneakers look. It’s incredibly practical for the warm season and makes putting together an outfit worthy of fashion week easier than ever. Emily Ratajowski is undoubtedly the queen of this look, sporting a dainty dress that flatters her figure, a statement bag that gives her look a pop of colour, and topped off with some comfy white trainers that keep it feeling down to earth.

When the autumn leaves start to fall, search for a warm jacket or long coat to pair with your longer dresses to help keep you warm. Hailey Bieber makes a satin slip dress perfect for the weekend by putting it together with some white trainers and a comfortable oversized jacket.

With winter comes holiday parties and sparkly dresses, but just because you’re dressing smart doesn’t mean you have to hurt your feet all night. Tracee Ellis Ross shows us that pairing some Jordans with a sparkly long-sleeve slip midi dress makes for a fun and unique outfit that can keep up with us all evening long.

Final Note

If you’re wondering when the last time you wore a dress but can’t figure out how to make it casual or dressed down, partnering it with your most trusted trainers can do that effortlessly. We love the pairing of dresses and trainers so much, and we’re so happy that they can be worn all year so we don’t have to miss this easy look.

If you’ve been thinking about putting together that dress with those trainers, don’t wait or hesitate because we know it’s going to look good.

Imani Jackson

Imani Jackson is a writer born, raised, and based in South London. She developed a keen eye for style through her habit of observing people’s clothes in the street every day. When she isn’t doing that, she likes to spend her time writing about the trends she sees, going out and dancing with the girls, or curating her R&B playlist for the next round of people-watching.

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