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9 Tips to Join the Colourful Jewellery Trend


No longer is jewellery confined to the realm of gold and silver. Now, you can add a splash of vibrant charm to your style with a dazzling array of jewellery hues and shades.

From sapphire blues reminiscent of a clear summer sky to rich emeralds that evoke the lushness of a forest, colourful jewellery has become a fashion statement in itself. And it’s not just about gemstones; even metal jewellery has undergone a transformation. Rose gold, for instance, is having its moment, adding a warm, rosy glow to your ensemble.

If you’re one of the fashionistas who believe in the power of accessorising, you’ll love the art of complementing your outfits with the perfect jewellery pieces. And that’s exactly what we’re here for—to guide you through the colourful jewellery trend and help you make the right fashion choices.

What Are the Trending Colours in Jewellery?

If you’re looking to stay on top of the jewellery game, you’ll want to know what colours are currently trending. Here are some that are making waves:

Serene Blues

Colourful Jewellery - Blue

Blues have been stealing the spotlight recently and for a good reason. This calming and versatile colour works wonders in jewellery. Think about the mesmerizing depth of sapphires, the serene glow of aquamarines, or the playful charm of blue topaz. These shades of blue are timeless and can add elegance to any ensemble.

Lively Greens

Colourful Jewellery - Green

Nature’s greens are making a bold statement in jewellery trends. Vibrant emeralds and soothing peridots never fail to turn heads. Green jewellery is not only refreshing but also represents growth and renewal, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate the natural world.

Romantic Pinks and Purples

Colourful Jewellery - Pink

Shades of pink and purple continue to captivate hearts. From the delicate allure of rose quartz to the regal charm of amethyst, these colours convey romance and sophistication. Rose gold, which has a rosy hue, complements these shades beautifully.

Sunny Yellows

Colourful Jewellery - Yellow

Yellow jewellery has a cheerful disposition. The sunny shades of citrine and yellow sapphire bring warmth and positivity. They’re perfect for adding a touch of sunshine to your outfits, especially during gloomy days.

Earthy Tones

Colourful Jewellery - Earthy

In a nod to nature, earthy tones like brown, beige, and olive green are gaining popularity. Picture jewellery adorned with smoky quartz, golden beryl, or tourmaline in warm, earthy hues. They evoke a sense of grounding and connection to the natural world.

Multicolour Magic

Colourful Jewellery - Multicolor

Don’t limit yourself to a single colour. Multicoloured jewellery, with an array of gemstones in one piece, is gaining popularity. These pieces are like rainbows you can wear, and they match any outfit effortlessly.

What Colourful Jewellery Style Tips You Need to Know?

Colourful Jewellery Trend

Joining the colourful jewellery trend can be a delightful journey into the world of fashion and self-expression. Let’s get into some interesting tips that will help you embrace this vibrant trend:

Accessorise with Confidence

If you’ve ever admired Kate Middleton’s jewellery choices, you know that she’s a master of elegant, colourful jewellery—remember her in a jaw-dropping emerald necklace and earrings during a BAFTAS event or the looped sapphire jewellery she wore for their royal tour of Scotland.

Take a page from her style book and don’t be afraid to make a statement. Whether it’s a bold necklace or eye-catching earrings, choose pieces that resonate with your personality and make you feel like royalty or simply confident.

Dress for the Occasion – Parties and Beyond

When dressing for a party, consider the mood and theme. Vibrant, colourful jewellery can add a touch of glamour and fun. For a summer garden party, you might opt for colourful floral-inspired jewellery, like a vibrant enamel flower brooch or earrings adorned with nature-inspired gemstones. For formal events, opt for elegant and subdued shades such as a delicate pearl necklace or classic diamond studs. 

Yet, colourful jewellery can elevate your everyday style too. Imagine a simple white T-shirt and jeans. Now, add a chunky turquoise statement necklace, and suddenly, your everyday look becomes chic and stylish.

Choose a Focal Point

Incorporate a focal point in your jewellery ensemble. It could be a dazzling gemstone, a vibrant enamel piece, or even a colourful watch. 

Let’s say you’re wearing a chic black cocktail dress. To make it truly unforgettable, choose a colourful focal point, like a radiant emerald cocktail ring. This single, eye-catching centrepiece draws attention and gives your outfit a unique flair.

Mix and Match for a Fashion Statement

Colourful jewellery is most definitely about creating a fashion statement. Experiment with mixing and matching different pieces. Layer bracelets of varying hues or combine necklaces with complementary colours.

Picture combining a sleek silver bangle with a stack of beaded bracelets in different shades to create a dynamic, eye-catching look. This playful approach can turn your outfit into a work of art.

Coordinate with Your Outfit

Matching jewellery with your dress is an art. For monochromatic outfits, go for complementary jewellery colours. If you’re wearing a royal blue dress, pick jewellery that complements this shade. Sapphire, aquamarine, or even white gold with blue gemstones can work beautifully. 

On the other hand, if your dress is a riot of colours, consider contrasting jewellery, like a sleek, black onyx necklace to add a touch of sophistication.

Let the Colour Wheel Be Your Guide

Remember the colour wheel from the art class? It’s your secret weapon. Complementary colours create striking contrasts, while analogous colours offer a harmonious blend. Use this tool to select jewellery colours that enhance your outfit.

Let’s say your dress is a lively shade of coral. You’ll find that teal or turquoise jewellery complements it beautifully. These colours sit opposite on the wheel, creating an eye-catching contrast that’s sure to turn heads.

Don’t Forget the Metals

Consider the metal jewellery you’re wearing too. Silver and white gold often pair well with cool-toned colours such as deep green evening gowns. And, if you’re wearing a warm-toned dress, like a rich burgundy, consider gold or rose gold jewellery to complement those warm hues.

Neutral Always Works

When in doubt, neutral jewellery like pearls or diamonds is a timeless choice. A classic example would be a little black dress. Pearls or diamonds, in the form of a necklace or stud earrings, offer classic elegance and work seamlessly with the outfit, ensuring you look effortlessly chic.

Express Yourself

Ultimately, the colourful jewellery trend is about expressing your unique style and personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment, mix colours, and have fun with your accessories. 

Suppose you have a bohemian soul and you’re wearing a flowing, colourful maxi dress. Add jewellery that resonates with your free spirit, like beaded necklaces, vibrant stacked bangles, and eclectic earrings. Let your personality shine through your accessories.

Final Note

The beauty of colourful jewellery is that it’s a storyteller. Each piece carries its own narrative, and when you wear it, you’re embracing that story as part of your own.

And whether you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, an artist, or an adventurer exploring the world, there’s a piece of colourful jewellery that can complement your journey. After all, it’s not about following trends; it’s about carving out your unique path in the world of fashion.

Imani Jackson

Imani Jackson is a writer born, raised, and based in South London. She developed a keen eye for style through her habit of observing people’s clothes in the street every day. When she isn’t doing that, she likes to spend her time writing about the trends she sees, going out and dancing with the girls, or curating her R&B playlist for the next round of people-watching.

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