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9 of the Best Wedding Guest Looks This Season


Inspiration for Wedding Guest Dressing

We’re always excited to celebrate love, and what better way to express our joy for the day than through our clothing? Dressing up in some of our best is a fabulous way to show our support and happiness for the bride and groom, and we have so many options at our fingertips when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding guest dress.

Need some tips and inspiration to look your best as a wedding guest? Here are some of our favourite go-to wedding looks.

What Dress Should I Wear As a Wedding Guest?

When it comes to choosing the right dress for a wedding, it all comes down to its chosen theme. Is it a black tie wedding in the evening? If it is, opt for a floor-length gown. Is it an afternoon summer wedding in the garden? Go for a dress with breezier material and practical skirt length.

What Wedding Guests Should Not Wear

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your dress is to never outshow the bride or wear anything too flashy. Unless otherwise stated, wearing white is always a no-go, and you should also refrain from wearing overly bright accessories. Being the best-dressed guest shouldn’t mean overshadowing the bride on her big day, so make sure to follow whatever dress code has been set.

What is the Best Colour to Wear As a Guest at a Wedding?

The best part about choosing a dress as a guest at a wedding is how many options you have available to you. Of course, white is almost always out of the question, and the bride and groom may have opted for a colour palette that they want their guests to adhere to. But otherwise, pick a colour that best suits your skin tone, style, and the theming of the wedding.

How Can I Look Good As a Wedding Guest?

Floral Print

The floral print midi dress is such a classic option for a wedding, as it’s perfectly romantic and versatile for different settings. Whether it’s outdoors or in a church, you’re sure to look lovely and fresh at the reception.

Flowy Long Sleeves

Opting for a midi dress with flowy long sleeves is classic and conservative if need be. This wrap dress from Dancing Leopard is a stunning choice in a perfectly vibrant shade.

Delicate Embroidery

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more intricate, a piece like this Self Portrait midi dress would suit perfectly. This is an especially gorgeous choice for nighttime events thanks to its ethereal metallic shade.

Printed Slip Dress

We love the simplicity of a slip dress, but you can easily add a bit more personality to it by wearing something with print. Avoid making it too loud though by pairing it with simple hair and jewellery.

Bold Colour

Opting for a bold colour can definitely be done, especially when it’s partnered with a simpler silhouette, such as this batwing sleeves maxi dress.

Tailored Suit

Instead of opting for the usual midi dress for the wedding reception, why not switch things up and opt for a suit? We adore suits like this wide-leg cut River Island set that come in a daintier colour and still give off a feminine vibe.


If the wedding permits it, you can wear black as a simple and always flattering outfit. We especially like how a black mini dress paired with gold jewellery looks so effortlessly and classically smart.

High-Neck Mini Dress

If you want to go down a different route from the usual midi dress, try a shorter length. While a mini dress can sometimes look a little too casual, going for something with a higher neck as well as billowing sleeves can really add a lot more to the overall look.

Printed Midi Dress

A stunning floral print dress like this one is perfect for a summer wedding with its flattering structured bodice, adjustable straps, and high-slit skirt. Pair this midi dress with gold accessories for a classic wedding guest look.

Final Note

Dressing appropriately for a wedding while still looking your best is a much easier task now, as you can find the perfect wedding guest dress from anywhere, whether it’s a mid-range spot like River Island or somewhere higher-end like Self Portrait. No matter what your style, there will always be an amazing guest dress waiting for you.

Lucy Coleman

Lucy Coleman is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast hailing from Edinburgh. She discovered her knack for both style and writing while studying at university and decided to pursue her passions thereafter. When she’s not going through racks of clothing at different shops in her spare time, Lucy enjoys listening to music, writing stories at cafés, and catching up to her favourite shows on Netflix.

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