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8 Ways to Style a White Shirt


The Best Ways to Style White Shirts for Women and Men

In fashion, there is perhaps no other article of clothing that’s as humble yet as iconic as the classic white shirt. Crisp, clean, and the perfect backdrop for nearly any outfit imaginable, we definitely think that the white shirt is the most timeless thing any person can have in their wardrobe.

However, it can be difficult to come up with fresh ways to wear this singular item of clothing, especially if you want to utilise it for a variety of occasions and settings. We’ve come up with 5 ways ladies and gentlemen respectively can wear white shirts, so keep scrolling to discover some new ideas for your next outfit.

What Goes With a White Shirt?

The best thing when we wear a white shirt is how seamlessly it goes with practically anything under the sun. From workdays to the weekend, a single white shirt styled with contrasting silhouettes and patterns can last you throughout the entire week with no one being any the wiser.

How Can I Style My White Shirt and Jeans?

To wear a white shirt with blue jeans is perhaps the most classic pairing anyone could go for and that won’t be going out of style any time soon. That being said, there are many different ways this pairing can be spiced up and given a little more personality. Whether that’s by playing with shirt shapes, jean cuts, or accessories, there are more ways than one that these pieces can be worn together.

How Do You Style an Oversized White Shirt?

There are a multitude of ways an oversized white shirt can be styled. Whether worn loose over other loose pieces for an extra cosy weekend attire, tied at the waist and paired with a skirt for a more fitted and textured look, untucked over structured trousers, or even alone as an airy summer dress (if it’s long enough), oversized white shirts are a perhaps even more versatile than your classic crewneck cut.

For Women

Fun and Flirty

Whether it’s to bring either more girliness to a white shirt or more casualness to a dress, bringing these two pieces together and layering one over the other is an easy yet very effective way to elevate a day or night look. 

One way to wear a white shirt with a dress is by putting on a classic crewneck underneath either fitted or fit-and-flare silhouettes and pairing the look with sneakers for an everyday outfit. Another idea if you want to add a little something extra to a date night outfit is to tie a button-down at the waist over a silky slip dress paired with your cutest pair of heels and even an accent scarf to make for elegant yet still down-to-earth evening attire.

Business Chic

Bring life into your mundane workweek by adding a little extra flair to your business casual style. While a suit might sound a little formal for a Wednesday at the office, we recommend you reach for a set with pops of colour or striking patterns and wear a white shirt underneath to bring that casual yet effortlessly chic element into the look. 

Match the ensemble with a pair of trainers to further blur the line between workwear and street style and turn this into your any-day-of-the-week kit.

90s Inspiration

The fashion of the 1990s continues to spill into our trends today, and this white shirt plus denim combo is no exception. We particularly love how this white shirt look sported by Princess Diana is sleek yet simple, thanks to a brown belt that cinches the waist, matching flats, and simple accessories that add an air of effortless refinement, while the shirt’s rolled-up sleeves and buttons are done up a little over halfway to make it more relaxed. 

Whether it’s a pair of denim jeans, a skirt, or shorts, this is a trustworthy pairing that won’t be going out of fashion any time soon.

Summer Style

Summer is definitely one of the best seasons to wear a white shirt as it keeps you cool, the shirt colour is fresh, and it acts as a great canvas for different colours and prints. We think pairing a simple white shirt with a flowy maxi skirt and statement bag makes for a very easy yet eye-catching ensemble and is something you can wear afternoon to evening while still feeling as comfy as can be.

For Men

Office Casual

Button-downs for men can sometimes feel a bit like a workday uniform, but that always doesn’t have to be the case. If you wear a white shirt with printed patterns with your usual suit, this can add some fun to an otherwise ordinary business look. 

You can also wear a white shirt that would otherwise be an undershirt beneath a structured blazer and tucked into matching trousers for minimalist attire that works for all sorts of events, whether you’re headed to a party or a business function.

Mix and Match

Foregoing wear of the full suit, go ahead and set the blazer aside for instantly contrasting yet striking streetwear style. To wear a white shirt with pleated trousers is a fun and effortless remix of the usual white shirt and jeans combo we’re used to, and is one of those ideas you’ll want to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe for an instantly smart and stylish getup.

Spring Style

Spring is the season for layering and wearing accent pieces, so put this to your advantage and wear a white shirt as a backdrop to an ensemble of varying materials, textures, and colours. 

We love the look of white shirts beneath colourful pieces or a monochrome outfit as it balances everything together and makes contrasting styles pair cohesively, and it’s another way to incorporate your shirt into outfits for different outdoor occasions that require different levels of dressing up.

Dungaree Workwear

While you might view dungarees as either worker attire or an intimidating fashion choice, it’s perhaps one of the easiest things to style and wear every season. Whether you wear a white shirt and sandals with it on hot days or underneath a load of layers in the cold, dungarees are a simple way to turn a regular look into something a little edgier.

Final Note

Whether you want to stick to the basics or try something new, you can always wear a white shirt underneath it all to make colours pop and textures stand out. While it’s simple and something we’ve seen nearly every person we know of all sizes and fashion tastes wear, the white shirt is probably the most versatile and important accessory we have in our arsenals.

Ellora Sharma

Ellora Sharma is a 26-year-old fashionmonger from Leeds. She discovered her love for fashion through the many intricate and flashy designs found in the Bollywood films she religiously watched when she was younger (and continues to watch to this day). She has since developed an affinity for colourful and distinctive clothing, and loves to experiment with her style on the daily. She wants to help others find the same kind of joy and fun in clothing as she has.

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