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5 Autumn Footwear Trends of 2021


Autumn Shoe Trends You’ll Actually Wear

While sandals, strappy heels, and trainers made up our footwear wardrobe for spring and summer, we’re preparing to style our feet this upcoming season with autumn-ready shoes. Boots are the ultimate shoe for autumn and winter, whether they’re knee-high boots with heels or your classic black pair of combat boots that you’ve worn ragged. However, while boots may be one of the most go-to styles every autumn, we’ve seen a ton of other styles of footwear pop up, from designer loafers to high street house slippers.

Whether you feel like wearing something that makes quite the statement or something that blurs the line between home and the outdoors, the trends of this new season are sure to end your search for the perfect trend that suits your style. Without further ado, here are the top autumn footwear styles and trends for women that you need to shop for your wardrobe this season.

What Shoes Do I Wear in Autumn?

While autumn or fall may be the time to start layering our clothing, it’s not quite cold enough that we can’t wear a variety of interesting shoe styles that lean more fashionable than they do practical. Boots are everyone’s favourite style to wear all season and that every brand you can think of offers, and a classic pair of sleek black boots look great no matter what outfits they’re paired with and whether it’s day or night. 

The best part is how many versions of boots there are to choose from, so whether you want shiny knee-high boots from Fendi or suede ankle-high boots from the high street, you’ll definitely find something for yourself. So whether you love jeans or skirts, boots will always make a great partner.

Biggest Shoe Trends: What Shoes Will Be Popular in Autumn/Winter 2021?

Walking Boots, Hiking Boots, Combat Boots, and Knee High Boots

Boots are such classic footwear that surpass any seasonal trend, which is why they’re an autumn staple everyone needs no matter your lifestyle or personal sense of style. Hiking type boots are a popular and super practical option that can also transition you from fall into winter, with designer brand Valentino taking it to the runway. 

On the other hand, colourful, second-skin boots have also entered the realm of this season’s shoe trends, with brands like Burberry taking inspiration from the 70s, something you can style as an edgy pairing with both short and long dress lengths.

Chunky Loafers

Chunky shoes have been the it style since last year, and they’re making an appearance again this season in the form of loafers. This take on classic loafers mixes traditional with modern, adding a bit more edge and interest to your typical polished outfit. 

Chunky loafers have found their way onto the AW21 catwalks of designer brand names like Max Mara, Dior, Loewe, Bottega Veneta, and others

House Shoes

Because comfort has become the number one priority in fashion in the last year and over, slippers have found their way out of the home and onto the runways of Simone Rocha, Chanel, and Fendi. 

Whether you love suede clogs or fluffy slide sandals, take this as a sign to replace your already comfortable boots for your even more comfortable house slippers.

Metallics: A Return to Elegant Footwear

With the 70s revival in full swing this year, metallic hues are coming back in a big way. Brand names like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Jil Sander, Isabel Marant, and Victoria Beckham are adding metallics, shimmer, glitter, and studded details to their boots and other footwear, adding some playful fun to our everyday outfits.

Platform Shoes for Extra Height: Playful and Daring Styles Appear

Along with metallics, platforms are among the different 70s trends that big brand names are bringing back this year. Platform boots and mary janes are just a few silhouettes that are getting taller, with designers like Vivienne Westwood, Giambattista Valli, and Versace adding some height to their catwalks.

Final Note

Shoe trends will always be changing, so why not embrace these fun and exciting pieces for the upcoming season? From knee-high boots and platform heels to chunky loafers and house slippers, there seems to be something for everyone whether they lean more practical or truly fashionable. Whatever style you pick, you definitely can’t go wrong with them.

Imani Jackson

Imani Jackson is a writer born, raised, and based in South London. She developed a keen eye for style through her habit of observing people’s clothes in the street every day. When she isn’t doing that, she likes to spend her time writing about the trends she sees, going out and dancing with the girls, or curating her R&B playlist for the next round of people-watching.

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