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4 Reasons You Should Own a Basket Bag or Tote


Why Basket Bags and Tote Bags Are the Ultimate Everyday Companions

We’ve all gone through a certain set of bags in our lifetimes and have probably favoured one style over another. Some of us may even have quite the bag collection, ranging from a set of practical backpacks to a designer handbag with a price tag that combines the total of the former. 

But no matter who you are, you need something to carry your stuff that’s functional yet matches your everyday style and keeps up with what you do on the daily.

Basket bags and tote bags are perhaps the most practical ones out there, as they have a lot of space for your things and are incredibly versatile in terms of matching with whatever look you’re going for on a certain day. 

Tote bags can be found everywhere from the counter of your local grocer’s to a high-end online store, so whether it’s for fashion, functionality, or both, here are the top reasons you should start — or continue — using a basket or tote bag.

They’re Multipurpose

One of the absolute best things about basket bags and tote bags is how useful they are for any situation. Their design makes them very roomy so they can hold loads and they’re easily carried around, so you can have one or multiple that function as gym bags, beach bags, uni bags, laptop bags, work bags, shopping bags, and more. 

The list for their use just goes on and on and depending on their design and fabric, you can carry around the same bag for every occasion, something you can’t really say for a whole lot of other bag styles, making the tote bag and the basket bag some of the most convenient yet fashionable bags you can wear daily.

They’re Durable

The tote bag is perfect for you if you don’t want to worry about damaging your bag in any major way, and they’re perfect for bringing to the shops, as a large bag can carry heavier loads without ripping. Especially when they’re made of thicker and quality fabric like canvas or even leather, totes are considered the best bags to carry around in terms of their combined practicality and durability. 

Even if your tote bag gets a little banged up, it’s sure to survive and can easily be thrown in the wash to get it clean again. Tote bags will definitely be your best friend if you’re looking for something no-fuss every day.

They’re Eco-Friendly

It’s great to see how many grocers and shops forgo plastic bags for reusable bags, and having several canvas tote bags of different sizes with you can be such a help when it comes to being more mindful of the environment as well as practicality. 

Totes and basket bags are usually made from natural materials and last you for years unlike plastic bags, and canvas tote bags especially are much sturdier and have a much lesser chance of ripping when your load is quite heavy or if a sharp item rips the material, so you won’t be as terrified of walking down the street and having your plastic bag tear and your shopping roll all over the pavement. 

Aside from the durability of the tote bag, they’re also a lot more cost-effective nowadays, as pretty much every supermarket requires you to pay for plastic bags. In the long term, tote bags save money, the environment, are capable of carrying your heavy shopping, can be re-used, and are overall much more quality yet still cheap, making them the perfect replacement for flimsy plastic.

They’re a great fashion accessory

Aside from their practical and durable nature, tote bags and basket bags are also just as fashionable. Totes come in a variety of styles, so you can have a simple canvas fabric tote for every day to a structured designer leather piece with more than one organisational pocket for work or any special occasion, with both being able to comfortably pack everything you need in a day.

The tote bag and basket bag have a long-lasting endurance in the realm of fashion and style, and are also a wonderful gift idea for both men and women, as everyone needs a good bag on any particular day when they see themselves carrying a lot of stuff. No matter what, these pieces will always be appreciated by the people wearing them.

Final Note

Tote bags and basket bags have been around for ages, and there’s really no question as to why. These pieces have worked functionally and fashionably, having carried everything we need while constantly being reinvented alongside the trends of every decade

We love the tote and basket bag because of how easy they are to pair with our outfits and how reliable they are in our day to day lives to boot. So whatever your lifestyle or personal fashion is like, these bags are sure to be useful to you.

Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor lives in Brighton with her two girls and teen son. She adores coming upon stylish and comfortable finds for herself alongside cute and practical pieces for her kids as well. She hopes to help other older ladies with bustling lifestyles discover clothes that look good and keep up with their daily routines simultaneously.

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