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10 Sustainability Initiatives at the Berlin Fashion Week


Berlin Fashion Week (BFW) has firmly positioned itself as a trailblazer in sustainability in the fashion industry

Unlike traditional fashion weeks in cities like Paris and London, Berlin’s event champions eco-friendly practices and innovative approaches to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. 

Here’s a comprehensive look at the sustainability initiatives that make Berlin Fashion Week stand out.

What Makes Berlin Fashion Week a Pioneer in Sustainability?

Sustainability Initiatives at the Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week seamlessly integrates sustainability through its structure, programs, and collaborations. Supported by the Berlin Senate and Fashion Council Germany, the event strategically promotes sustainable and ethical practices among designers and brands. 

The commitment is evident in carefully curating events highlighting innovation, diversity, and ecological responsibility.

Berlin Fashion Week’s emphasis on sustainability resonates beyond its borders. The event’s strategic focus on eco-friendly practices, innovative formats, and committed brands sets a powerful example for the global fashion industry. 

By championing sustainability, Berlin Fashion Week enhances its own reputation and encourages a broader shift towards responsible fashion worldwide.

Key Berlin Fashion Week Programs Highlighting Sustainability

Sustainability Initiatives at the Berlin Fashion Week -shows

Here are the specific programs and presentations showcasing sustainability initiatives at Berlin Fashion Week.

Fashion Open Studio

In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Fashion Open Studio presents sustainable fashion brands from Berlin and around the globe. It showcases designers dedicated to eco-friendly practices, making it a cornerstone for Berlin Fashion Week’s sustainability agenda.


Neonyt is a leading global hub for fashion, sustainability, and innovation. Its mission is to fuse eco-conscious practices with cutting-edge fashion, offering a platform for brands that prioritise ethical production and innovative design. Established as a pioneer in the sustainable fashion sector, Neonyt features an extensive exhibition area, conferences, and workshops.

202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit

The 202030 Berlin Fashion Summit is a pivotal platform where industry experts discuss sustainability, digitisation, and fashion culture. Workshops with international participants aim to develop actionable visions for a sustainable fashion future. This summit emphasises holistic sustainability, addressing environmental, social, and economic aspects.


DER BERLINER SALON celebrates German design talents with a keen focus on sustainable development and production. It features a group exhibition of around 35 designers from various fields, including fashion, accessories, and jewellery, all committed to eco-friendly practices. The salon promotes national and international awareness of sustainable German design.

Fashion Revolution

The Berlin Fashion Week Fashion Revolution initiative aligns with the global movement calling for greater transparency and ethics in the fashion industry. This initiative manifests through panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions that highlight the human and environmental costs of fast fashion, advocate for more sustainable alternatives, and highlight stories of positive change.

Reference Festival

The Reference Festival is an interdisciplinary event that merges fashion with other creative genres such as music, art, and technology. It emphasises sustainability through innovative showcases and collaborations that challenge traditional fashion norms. By integrating diverse artistic expressions, it aims to create a holistic and eco-friendly cultural experience.


BERLIN, BERLIN by Highsnobiety, is a primarily digital platform that highlights contemporary fashion trends while focusing on sustainability. The initiative bridges fashion with other creative industries, using multimedia content to promote eco-friendly practices. It leverages Highsnobiety’s global reach to amplify Berlin’s commitment to sustainable fashion on an international stage.


Fashiontech is a conference series at Berlin Fashion Week that explores the intersection of fashion and technology. It focuses on how technological innovations, such as 3D printing and digital design, can drive sustainable practices in the fashion industry. By fostering dialogue between tech and fashion experts, it aims to promote eco-friendly advancements.

Conscious Club

The Conscious Club is a platform at Berlin Fashion Week dedicated to promoting sustainable and ethical fashion practices. It features panel discussions, workshops, and showcases that highlight the importance of eco-conscious design. The club aims to educate and inspire industry professionals and consumers about the feasibility and importance of sustainable fashion.

Concept Competition

Berlin Fashion Week’s Concept Competition highlights emerging talents in categories like “STUDIO2RETAIL,” “Berlin Contemporary,” and “BFW multiplier formats” A total of 29 innovative concepts, including sustainable collections by Rianna-Nina and SF1OG, were awarded, emphasising Berlin’s role as a key fashion hub.

Brands That Are Leading the Charge in Sustainable Fashion

Berlin Sustainable Brands - Haderlump


Presenting its “Circularis” collection, Haderlump is a beacon of circular fashion. The brand produces garments in its Berlin atelier using textile scraps, deadstock fabrics, and recycled materials. With a holistic approach to sustainability, Haderlump also offers repair services and an open atelier for customers to create their own clothing.


Known for its Eastpak collaboration for AW24, SF1OG uses repurposed, deadstock, and responsible materials. Their collection is produced in small runs by local Berlin seamstresses and suppliers in Poland. SF1OG embodies social, economic, and ecological responsibility, emphasising upcycling in its designs.

Rebekka Ruétz

Founded in 2009, Rebekka Ruétz focuses on high-quality slow fashion. Designed in Austria and mainly produced in Germany, the brand emphasises diversity, longevity, and ethical production, making it a paragon of sustainable and ethical fashion.


This Berlin-based high-end streetwear brand focuses on long-lasting pieces made from deadstock fabrics, recycled denim, and yarns. #DAMUR employs innovative practices to minimise waste, reflecting its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of fashion production.

Final Note

Berlin Fashion Week is a testament to what is possible when creativity meets sustainability. Berlin is redefining the fashion landscape through innovative programs, committed designers, and a supportive infrastructure. 

The event’s comprehensive approach to sustainability showcases the city’s dedication to fostering a greener, more responsible fashion industry. 

As Berlin Fashion Week continues to evolve, it sets a high standard for others to follow, proving that fashion can indeed be a force for positive change.

Ellora Sharma

Ellora Sharma is a 26-year-old fashionmonger from Leeds. She discovered her love for fashion through the many intricate and flashy designs found in the Bollywood films she religiously watched when she was younger (and continues to watch to this day). She has since developed an affinity for colourful and distinctive clothing, and loves to experiment with her style on the daily. She wants to help others find the same kind of joy and fun in clothing as she has.

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